I provide garden and landscape design and consultancy services in several typologies of green spaces, both public and private. In particular I am specialized in Healing Garden and Therapeutic Landscapes.

To traditional studies in landscape architecture and ecology is added a holistic background that ranges from ecotherapies to ecospirituality, all enriched by a deep sensitivity for nature. My job is not just a professional discipline, but an expression of an artistic vocation creating places for harmony and human wellbeing.
My gardens are conceived following principles of aromatherapy and chromotherapy, ancient symbols and energy rules, to satisfy the needs of our spirit, mind and body. They represents the mysticism of nature and the power of its ancient and wild beauty.
I design unique and ideal places to heal and feed the soul, restore and please your senses and body. 

My design services can be requested from both private and public entities. Domestic gardens, schools, botanical gardens, hospitals and care centers, temples, holistic centers, sanctuaries, public green spaces, ecovillages and community gardens. 

Main phases: 
I - visiting and consultancy (first meeting) 
II - survey, evaluation and measuring of the area 
III - creation of design proposals 
IV - evaluation of proposals and definitive design choice
V - starting of construction work: building and planting 
VI - maintenance 

Create your own garden with me is also enjoyable! If you like, visit my Pinterest page and have fun choosing which kind of colours combinations, decorations and plants you would like to get for your unique, magical garden!

The process of site evaluation, design and creation (from point I to IV) is developed in 7-10 days, this timeframe can change depending on the client's needs, requests and the dimension of the area. The building/planting process (point V) takes a range of time of 7-14 days, depending on the weather and project complexity and extension.

My projects aim for getting the best result and quality with the less waste in terms of money and energy (water and maintenance).
Total expenses charged depends on time and dimensions of the project, building materials and plants.

For more informations and a FREE QUOTE feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone. 

I also offer an on-site design consultancy service as well as the regular full design package. The consultancy is aimed at people who are not interesting in a brand new design project but are looking for professional suggestions, inspirations and ideas.
We will spend time together making a contact with your garden, listening your needs and desires and creating sketching ideas which can allow you to conceive your own mystical and sacred space. 

"The Garden which heals" is an additional service which can be chosen singularly, or integrated to your regular design package.
During the creative planning phase I will try to understand, by a simple private consultancy session/conversation, which are the emotional and psychophysical problems that afflict your life and serenity, to allow me so to create not just a beautiful design, but a project able to heal you thanks to the passive-receptive action of the Healing Garden


Service Price
First appointment £75.00
Consultancy £75.00
Healing Garden consultancy £90.00


*For those clients who decide to go ahead with their garden design project, the first appointment payment, if already paid, will be deducted from their final design fee.

Terms and condition:
First appointment and consultancy fee due to be paid previosly, or within 3 days from the appoinment.
Design fee due to be paid into 7 days since the definitive design plan has been produced and delivered.
Consistent modifications to the final design will be charged 15.00 GBP per hour. 

Cancellation Policy:
For first appointment or consultancy service paid fee will be refunded in full for cancellation within 48h from the booking/purchasing date, after this time only a 50% of the paid fee will be refunded. No refund will be issued for cancellation requested during 24 hours from the agreed appointment time.
For design project service cancellation is free within 5 working days from the agreement, after will be charged 15.00 GBP per working day till a maximum amount equal to the established design fee.