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Gardens open the mind to beauty, peace and quietness, inducing a sense of well-being and leeding to a general health improvement. There are several reasons why a garden is able to 'heal', but are mainly the aesthetic and sensory aspects (colors, shapes, scents) that allow particular kind of green spaces, called Healing Gardens, to carry out their therapeutic task.

Olfactory stimuli act on the limbic system which processes and regulates emotional reactions and behaviors, also playing an important role during the formation of memories, and long-term memory. Fragrances generate feelings which subside aggressiveness, induce joy and soothe the heart.
Sight can be satisfied and stimulated, inducing beneficial effects, by the light and colors which permeate gardens. The therapeutic effect of colors on human body depends from the oscillating nature of our cells. By the use of chromotherapy, besides the psychological and emotional positive effect of colors, it is also possible to observe physical benefits, as organs are able to "select" colors, absorbing exclusively those whose wavelength is necessary to restore and keep their balance.

When properly incorporating the therapeutic qualities of scents and colors, gardens are not just beautiful places, but they can also support people's general wellbeing and improve their quality of life.


Garden Design

During the design process client's needs and desires are carefully considered together with nature-therapy, botanical and aesthetic knowledge. The design package also includes an initial consultation, list of suggested plants and any necessary adjustment to the final project.


The consultancy service is for people who are not interested in a complete design project but are looking for professional suggestions and inspiration. I will be able to answer your questions, offer possible solutions, and sharing creative ideas for you to use and explore.

Healing Garden

This service can be chosen individually or integrated to the design package. If you wish to share information about your psychophysical state, I will be able to use my knowledge to design a garden which also aims to improve and support your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Garden building

The building service is available for projects located in South Wales (UK). My associate landscaper have full range of professional knowledge and practical background to know what is best to built your space, creating high quality and lasting gardens. More information are available at Anemone Landscaping.


My name is Cristina, I am a landscape architect and garden designer trained in horticultural therapy and herbal medicine, and graduated with honor in Landscape Architecture (BSc) and Environmental Conservation (MSc). I am also an author, certified holistic practitioner and flower essences producer.

I aim to create spaces where re-connect with nature, designing gardens which consider all aspects of the self - mind, body and spirit - to support and improve people's happiness and wellbeing.
My personal style embraces healing, physic, holistic and wild gardens to be incorporated and adapted to both modern and traditional outdoor spaces.




Feel free to contact me for any work enquire, I will be happy to assist you.

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